Pediatric urology

Pediatric urology concerns the urologic disorders in children. This branch deals with problems in children such as cryptorchism (unilateral or bilateral undescended testes) which can be corrected laparoscopically at our centre. The earlier the testis is brought down into the scrotum, more function will be regained. One common condition is phimosis with or without recurrent uti.
Usually we preserve the penile skin unless it is impossible to retract. congenital abnormalities of the genito-urinary tract such pelviuretericjunction obstruction which causes hydronephrosis in the kidneys and uti is treated by laparoscopy here. Urolithiasis in children is a rare problem which can be tackled endoscopically. underdeveloped genitalia with hypospadias or epispadias ( urethral opening towards the ventral or dorsal aspect) is corrected efficiently . Vesicoureteral reflux is a common problem in both male and female children leading to recurrent UTI.

An UTI in children is to be addressed with caution and appropriate investigations have to be done in consultation with a urologist to assess the cause. Low grade refluxes can be treated with endoscopic injections at the ureteric orifices. High grade unilateral or bilateral refluxes can be corrected laparoscopically. Paediatric testicular ,renal and bladder tumours is of a major concern which has to be diagnosed and treated at a superspeciality centre.