1. Dr Deepak Raghavan, Chennai
2. Dr A. Senthilvel, Chennai
3. Dr Amitava Mukherjee, Kolkata
4. Dr Himanshu, Ahmedabad


1. Dr Prasad A Cheeramattam, Thiruvalla.
2. Dr Prabhir Basu, Kolkata.
3. Dr Amitava Dey, Kolkata
4. Dr Shekar M H, Chennai
5. Dr Prajay Shrivastav, Bareilly.


1. Dr Vaibhav Saxena, Kanpur
2. Dr Mohammad Amjad Khan, Hyderabad
3. Dr Joseph Manak, Thiruvalla
4. Dr Shiva Shankar, Kolkata
5. Dr K. Mahesh, Cochin.
6. Dr Piyush Tripathi, Kanpur
7. Dr Syed Wasim Hasan, Guwahati.


1. Dr PVLN Murthy, Hyderabad


1. Dr Godala Chandra Mohan, Anantapur
2. Dr Prashant Gupta, Jaipur

Few words from past trainees about the course:

“Exposed to variety of cases and good laparoscopy skills”Dr Shekar M H, Chennai.

“I Like the attitude to make things simple, hands on training and the confidence it gave us”
Dr Syed Wasim Hasan, Guwahati.

“Friendly, stress free environment with open discussion. ‘Hands on’ feel gives confidence and is exceptional”
– Dr Piyush Tripathi, Kanpur.

“We got more than what we expected” – Dr Amitava Mukherjee, Kolkata.

And many more….