A 65 year old lady attended following vaginal mesh suspension procedure done at another institute. She complained of urinary incontinence soon after the mesh surgery. This was troublesome and hampered her daily activities severely. She consulted at different institutions and investigations revelaed complete erosion of vaginal mesh into the urinary bladder with a massive vesiovaginal fistula (large opening between bladder and vagina through which almost all urine was leaking into the vagina).

After 3 months of continuous agony she came to this institute for the hope of a remedy. She was investigated here and cystoscopy (examination of the bladder) confirmed the massive defect between the bladder and vagina with the mesh lying freely in the bladder. The situation was extremely difficult but the team was ready to take the challenge. Through keyhole technique the entire repair was carried out and a 3 layer closure was performed. She recovered well and is back to her routine life. There was no further incontinence.

The surgery was extremely daunting and many experts refrained from performing it even by the open approach. However like many other challenging cases, it was successfully conducted through keyhole technique and this amazing achievement has been submitted internationally for consideration of publication.