This is the story of a 28 year old unmarried female working as Nursing Assistant elsewhere came to us as a last resort for her end to agony. She was suffering from large tumors in both the kidneys which was filling almost the entire abdomen, 25 cm on the right side and 30 cm on the left side. Her abdomen was blotted and she was finding it difficult to do even her daily chores.

She went to various superspeciality hospitals throughout the country during the last 5 years and the only reply she got was bilateral removal of both the kidneys followed by dialysis and renal transplant at a later date. Dr George P Abraham and his team decided to perform a never before attempted surgery of saving her existing kidneys. First, right nephrectomy was done, all the tumor tissue was removed and the remaining kidney was auto transplanted (patients own kidney) on the right side. After 4 weeks interval the procedure was repeated on the left side. The operative procedure involved 8 hrs on the right side and 6 hours on the left side.

The tumor weight was total 6kgs, 3 kgs on each side. This is supposed to be the largest renal tumour by weight successfully removed till date. Bilateral auto transplant is a very rare feat accomplished by our team and one of the few attempted surgeries in the world. The patient is absolutely normal with good urine output, no abdominal discomfort and is leading a normal life. She is absolutely indebted to Dr George P abraham and his team for their courage for attempting such a surgery and saving her life. This case has been submitted for acceptance in the Limca book of records.