Kochi does what UK, Jap couldn’t

Forty-eight, Kuwaiti native Azez Sheibh who had undergone urinary bladder removal for cancer abroad ten years back, and is now supported by a new bladder created with his intestine, suffered another jolt when five large stones accumulated in the kidney blocking drainage of urine.

After his unsuccessful visits to UK and Japan to get rid of this, a complex surgery was successfully carried out in Kochi Lakeshore Hospital the other day to rid him of the condition.

His ureters (that drain the kidneys) – were surgically joined to the neo-bladder in a chimney fashion. Recently he developed renal failure due to narrowing of both ureters at the surgically connected site and stones developed in his ureters.

A medical team led by Dr. George P Abraham and Dr. Datson George of Lakeshore Hospital successfully carried out the operation.

Though Azez had travelled four countries and underwent two major open surgeries and multiple keyhole surgeries, the stones could not be reached.

“We did a keyhole puncture into the right kidney and two stones were pulled back into calyx, broke them and removed. Rest three stones were big and we negotiated the flexible ureteroscope from the kidney into the ureter and fragmented them with laser.  The narrowing to the neo-bladder was similarly negotiated and widened and stents were placed in both kidneys” explained Dr. Datson.

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