A 2 year old girl came down to Lakeshore Hospital Kochi with the hope of a miracle. The child was suffering from large abdominal tumor with tumor extension till the heart. The child was seen by many experts all over Kochi but no one was willing to take the risk of surgery. The child’s parents came to this team with a hope to give a last try. Dr George was willing to take the challenge. Alongwith our cardiac surgeons a marathon surgery was undertaken whereby the whole right kidney with the tumor was removed followed by the entire extension to the heart.

The tumor weight was 3 kgs, more than one-third the weight of the child. The parents were relieved and the child is well to date. Currently she is taking treatment from oncology department of Lakeshore hospital. Only few similar surgeries have been undertaken in this world and none in that age. This case was subsequently reported internationally in British journal urology website.