A 65 year old retired army colonel had another interesting story. He was on a single kidney with 2 cancer lesions in that kidney. There was tumor in the opposite adrenal gland which was the single adrenal gland in the body. Colonel underwent removal of his right kidney two years ago by open incision followed by removal of left adrenal 1 year ago, also by open technique.

He had visited many centers prior to attending Lakeshore hospital. He came with the hope of some treatment as he was still very active and wanted to continue his routine life without any restrictions. Dr George’s team was ready to take the challenge. First the right adrenal was removed by keyhole. Then the position was changed and the left kidney was removed by keyhole technique. The kidney was taken outside and cooled in ice. Both the kidney tumors were removed by a technique called bench dissection. Then the balance kidney was transplanted back to Colonel again, a technique called autotransplantation. Colonel recovered well and is currently continuing his routine activities.

The entire surgery took about 12 hours and the results were excellent. This type of surgery is very rarely done worldwide and this was the first of its kind by keyhole technique. This has been submitted for presentation in urological journal and urological meeting in USA.v